Metal Chem Inc. provides high-end metal platings and coatings to the nation’s elite aerospace companies. 

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Aerospace Industry Metal Applications

Since 1991, Metal Chem Inc. has been a trusted supplier of companies in the aerospace and aviation industries, as well as Prime Contractors serving the Department of Defense. High-quality metal finishing is absolutely vital for aerospace engineers who require lightweight components and complex profiles, and MCI provides a wide range of state-of-the-art surface finish solutions in accordance with military specifications and required treatments.

Our contract review includes the verification of validation testing requirements derived from the military specs applicable to the client’s current contract stage, whether it’s for initial product qualification, continued process validation, or manufacturer qualification purposes. The validation testing includes, but it is not limited to:

    • Corrosion Resistance Test in accordance with ASTM-B117 and/or Accelerated Corrosion Testing per General Motors Spec GMW 14872, 
    • Coating thickness
    • Coating weights
    • Adhesion testing
    • Chemical resistance test

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Aerospace & Military Metal Applications Approvals

Since 1991, Metal Chem Inc. has become one of the premiere metal plating and finishing companies in the country. Our NADCAP accreditation has allowed us to proudly fulfill the metal application needs of top technology pioneers in the aerospace, military and naval industries. As an industry leader in spec plating and metal finishing, our team has decades of experience handling complex projects that require a sophisticated level of detail.

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