Metal Chem Inc. provides high-end metal platings and coating applications for the commercial industry.

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How We Help The Commercial Industry

Metal Chem Inc. began providing special processes services to aerospace, defense, military and electronics industries over 35 years ago — and today, we can proudly say that most of the customers from those days still trust us with the surface finishes for their products. 

Over time, our processes have evolved to comply with ever-demanding aerospace and defense application requirements, including military, ANSI, ASTM, and DOD Standards specifications. As a result, our commercial, industrial, and consumer products customers enjoy the benefits of surface finishes that are compliant with top-of-the-line military specifications. Along with our unique vertical integration that keeps all required treatments (surface preparation, pre-treatment, plating, priming, and topcoat) and quality management under one roof, this difference in quality sets us apart from any other commercial plater and or painter servicing this industry.

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Aerospace & Military Metal Applications Approvals

Since 1991, Metal Chem Inc. has become one of the premiere metal plating and finishing companies in the country. Our NADCAP accreditation has allowed us to proudly fulfill the metal application needs of top technology pioneers in the aerospace, military and naval industries. As an industry leader in spec plating and metal finishing, our team has decades of experience handling complex projects that require a sophisticated level of detail.

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